A simple shop to enable Stefanie to offer arts and services online. Uses: rust (actix-web, mogwai, diesel)

Stefanie's Artshop (working title)

A pure rust implementation of a small shop system. This is ment to host the Arts created by my wife Stefanie and give the opportunity to sell some of these of offer art services.




This will be mostly self sufficient. It comes with its own web server. One needs a browser to see the results.


  • rust
  • mogwai
  • actix-web
  • actix-file
  • serde
  • serde-json
  • diffy


Currently this is a lot of lerning for myself and I prefer to work on this alone as long as I am not settled with it.

Anyway, I will look into suggestions when they arrive me.


Copyright © 2022 Georg Hopp

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Georg Hopp georg@steffers.org