A template parsing library and tool written in C.

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Tepal is a Template Parsing Library, written in C.




It's origin lies in my unhappieness with PHP, JSP and other languages designed for web-development. Lately i learned a little about template system and worked a little with smarty and after a while i got the idea that if one wants to seperate program logic from display logic it is also possible to write you application in C as i prefer. The FastCGI interface is as fast or even faster than the PHP interface. The only thing needed is a library that does the same things as smarty, set template variables, parse a template and write the result.

Well, it turns out that this only thing was more work than i first thought, especially because i never wrote an interpreter or compiler before. And i had not college courses on that issue too. So i had to find out everything by my own. Thanks go to the excellent documentation of flex and bison and the Telos GmbH that published a simple interpreter.

While i was writing this I recognised that it might be usefull at other things too. Everything that can be created by a cleartext template and some application logic can be created with this lib.


  • Gnu C
  • Flex/Yack


Just email me.


GNU General Public License Version 3 (GPLv3)

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Georg Hopp <georg@steffers.org>